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Excerpt from Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your life

This is an excerpt from the Introduction of the book: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life: SuperFoods Rx. by Steven Pratt , M.D. and Kathy Matthews. I am sharing it because it gives an excellent visual of how food affects our health and our life.

"You are making decisions right now, at your very next meal, that will affect how you spend the rest of your life, whether you're 22 or 62.

One way leads to a handicapped space in front of the mega-drugstore. You're 68 years old and you're struggling to navigate to the back of the store where the pharmacist has your meds waiting. He greets you cheerfully; he knows you well. You're taking nine prescription medications and on a good day, you can walk around the block with your grandson. On a bad day, you log a lot of TV time. You fill your basket with your prescriptions and a few over-the counter medicines.

Here's another choice. You pull up to the farmers' market. You're 68 years old and you've just finished a tennis game with some pals or a satisfying afternoons work in your garden. You grab a basket and fill it with fruits and vegetables. You're thrilled to see that blueberries have come into season and you stock up on spinach and orange bell peppers. You've got friends coming for dinner so you decide to pick up some wild Alaskan salmon.

It's a simple choice really: the right foods or prescription drugs.

There is now enough evidence that the power of real foods can make a significant difference in your risk of developing a host of diseases. This is extremely exciting because it puts the tools in your hand, and on your plate to change your future".

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