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Farms and Local Businesses We Work With

Our number one priority at Terra House, is where we source our ingredients.  We support local Farms that are using Sustainable Agricultural Practices.  This creates foods higher in nutrients, it is far better for our environment, and it supports our local economy.  There are many CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) throughout Western New York we encourage you to explore.   Some of the farms we work with are:

K & B Farms located in Akron NY

Root Down Farm located in Clarence NY

Sugarmama's Bakery located in Akron NY

Plato Dale Farms located in Arcade NY

Produce Peddlers located in Buffalo NY

Barrell and Brine located in Buffalo NY

Farmer Ground Flour located in Trumansburg NY

Autumns Harvest Farm located in Romulus NY

Headwater Food Hub located in Rochester NY

Good Shepherd Coffee located in Akron NY

We are always looking for more places to source our food from so please contact us if you are interested in collaborating!

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