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Nutritional Counseling:

Individual Counseling    InitiaConsultation                              $125

At this 90 minute session we will discuss your personal health goals, your health history, and your current diet, health and lifestyle.  Together we will set manageable ways to begin your health journey.

Follow - Up                                              $75

At these 60 minute sessions we will assess your progress, continue to address underlying concerns and set new goals


Group Counseling                $125

At these 75 minute sessions for up to 4 individuals we will take a more general approach in discussing ways to meet personal health goals while assessing diet and lifestyle.


Family Counseling               $75

At these 60 minute sessions we will set realistic health goals for your family. We will discuss ways to improve nutrition and sleep, reduce stress and increase physical activity in your home. This will increase the overall health and happiness in your family!

Family Cooking

Youth Counseling               $75

In these 60 minute sessions we will address any underlying health concerns. Stress and poor dietary habits can lead to many health issues in children such as behavioral, skin, or digestive disorders, asthma, allergies or food intolerances.  Through nutrition and stress-reduction techniques we will work together to make improvements in your child's mental and physical health. This is also helpful in improving academic and athletic performance.  

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Pantry Clean Out                 $100  For 90 minutes we will go through your pantry and refrigerator and discuss the nutritional value of the foods you are currently consuming.  We will discuss foods that should be limited and ways to incorporate healthier options into your diet as well as reading and understanding food labels.  You must be an established client prior to scheduling a this service.

Grains in Mason Jars

Grocery Store Tour               $75

For 60 minutes we will tour a grocery store (or food market) and discuss healthy food choices, meal planning, ways to save money, and how to read food labels.

Fresh Produce

In-Home Cooking Basics       N/A

In your own home we will discuss the basic necessities of cooking including staple ingredients, utensils and other equipment.  We will discuss ways to make at home cooking part of your daily routine.  You must be an established client to schedule this service.

Raw Vegetables
"I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who guides, mentors, and empowers my clients on their journey to total health and wellness.  I provide my clients with support and guidance and together we set realistic goals for making sustainable life-long changes to improve their health and happiness. 

As your Health Coach, we will discuss what your personal goals are, what has and hasn't worked for you in the past and we will navigate the confusing world of nutrition and health theories  to develop a lifestyle that truly works for you".
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